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Where it all Started

Project 52 was created to help you, and creatives like you, in the pursuit of creative work outside of our work. The kind you burn the midnight oil for, the kind that made you want to pursue a creative career in the first place, the kind of work that you’re excited to work on because it liberates your creativity.

If you could just find the time to work on that kind of work…

That’s why we got started.

We strongly believe in the power of working on and launching personal creative projects. Project 52 was made to bring together and help creatives, especially those working in creative careers like advertising, to work more consistently, creatively, and happily on their work outside of work.


Creative-Consistency Psychology

Project 52’s foundation is based on creative and proven psychology “Switch” tactics, to keep you inspired, thinking, and passionately creating to become a better, more consistent creative worker by the end of your one year Project 52 journey.

Project 52 Science

Switch Tactics

Growth Mindset Brain Training

Launch Motivation

Action Setting



Project 52

Momentum Effect

As they say, success breeds success. Project 52 is designed to combine psychology and creativity to be challenging, but easy enough to complete in one year, so you can get into the practice of completing projects. One of the biggest end results of this will be momentum. After successfully completing this project, you’ll have the knowledge and practice to continue on to do much more.

So, how much time will you need to invest to complete Project 52?

By The Numbers

On average, with the recommended 7 hours of sleep, you’ll be awake 119 hours a week. That means you have 7,140 minutes to do whatever it is is you do when you’re not asleep. Project 52 takes up 20 minutes of that time, once a week, for one year. Thats 1,040 minutes or just over one FULL average day of being awake dedicated to betting your creative practices, spread out over a year.

By the end, you’ll have completed an incredible creative accomplishment–one year invested in bettering your creative self. Think of what you’ll be able to do next.

Average Hours You're Awake Per Week
Approximate Minutes to Complete Each Project
Approximate Total Minutes to Complete Project 52


Project 52

Calling it a book or even a journal is just scratching the surface

Project 52 is a collection of information, inspiration, and instructions. It is also a community of like-minded individuals all in pursuit of the same goal–becoming a more inspired, more persistent, creative individual who actively purses and launches personal projects.

The book, or journal of sorts since it must be called something, is simply the fulcrum through which this practice and community is centered around. It is designed, from cover to cover, to ignite and continually fuel your creative energy for one entire year and long after you reach the final page–or as long as you continue its practices.

What’s inside


This is the brain dump zone. It’s a space dedicated to get all your creative concepts inspired by your projects, out of your head and onto paper–freeing up space for your to focus on what’s important. The “Inbox” was adapted for Project 52 from David Allen’s well-renowned GTD (Getting Things Done) system. A more in depth explanation on how to use this section is will be found in the “Knowledge” section of your Project 52 book.
Researched, insightful information on Project 52, creativity, and consistency. This section is filled with all the knowledge, tactics, and instructions to help you get the most out of your project along with insights gleamed from science and creative gurus to guide you on your year long journey. Reading this section is Day 1 of project 52.  
This is where the magic happens. For the next year, you will be challenge, to think and work creatively by a collection of inventive adventures, once a week. Each project will only take you about 20 minutes to complete, but you can spend as much time on them as you please–more on that in the knowledge section. You’ll find these projects are rich with additional information and insights to continue the practice following the completion of each week’s project–along with some surprises you’ll discover sprinkled throughout the book to keep you on your toes. Refuse the urge to look a head to keep up the element of surprise.

This is the scribble section. Your Idea inbox is reserved for solid–or at least partially formed ideas–this section is for everything else. Here you can jot down your loose, working thoughts on projects, or information from Project 52 you want to easily refer to later. A more in-depth explanation of this and all sections is found in the knowledge pages of Project 52.


*final print release may appear different.


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